And the sucky days are the best days…

Because they are when I am most teachable.

This morning started out rough. I was frustrated to start with because of lack of sleep. The Furacaoinha awoke at 7am and it truly felt as though my frustration became greater than my affection.  You have to understand, this had not been a regular occurrence since…what feels like ages ago. I did begin praying almost immediately but I got nothing. In honest retrospect, I wasn’t really attuned to the Spirit because I was feeling a bit justified in my unwarranted anger. As though I was at least owed these few moments because, heck, I do a great job at maintaining my cool and blah blah blah. I can only sit and shake my head at myself.

At around 11am, I just felt stupid. Silly. Bossy. Meany.  The whole morning I had been impatient and unempathetic. I owed The Furacaoinha an apology and explanation.  I told her I was very tired and angry because I was tired and how I hated waking up so early and how I was sorry it seemed like I was unaffected by her cries.  I wasn’t. I was just feeling selfish.  And my selfishness along with my frustration was greater than my affection.

Her response? An understanding “Yeah” as she leaned in to kiss me. That was followed by “Huuuuh” (she has a tough time with that ‘G’!) and her little arms wrapped tightly around as much of me as possible.  My little toddler showed me the heart of Jesus and in that moment I was so thankful that His affection for me is always greatest.

Then we snuggled close and napped.


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