The Marvelous Mundane

Open skies. Flashing lights. Chills, shivers, goosebumps. Warrior angels. Supernatural healing conferences. Double portions. Gold, gems, glitter.

Where does it end?

I can’t deny, my younger newbie Christian self has been there. I grew up Pentecostal Holiness/Apostolic so I was no stranger to some “manifestations”. Then I had the pleasure of being exposed to a more Charismatic church experience (I say that with a slight measure of sourness). It was appealing because much of it was on the opposite end of my considered legalistic upbringing. 

[And I encountered many a strange thing.  Some things of which I was wary and uncomfortable but was willing to let slide because, after all, it was “The Anointing” or whatever other Churchese term.  I was young and quite impressionable.  But I digress.]

I preface with all that not to debate or offend but, rather, to emphasize where I am now.

And now:

  I find a holiness and pleasure in the scut work of cloth diaper duty.

  I am equal parts humbled and in awe of The Kismet’s ability to see past my moments of frailty and freely offers her affection and forgiveness.

  The careful and earnest way she says “Please” makes my heart melt and eyes tear; my spirit sores to petition Abba Father with my own “Please”.  And I feel so special, so loved, to know His reaction is mutual.

  I breathe in my little one’s bliss each time she witnesses the miracle of wind making its way through the trees– sometimes gently, sometimes fiercely. Everytime invisibly.

  The way she dances with complete abandon, then takes my hand and  invites me to join her makes me laugh and think we should worship this way always.  With complete abandon.

  The rise and fall of her tiny chest as she sleeps is a testimony to the existence of a Creator. The sound of her snores strengthens my faith.

I pause here, only for fear I might burst with praise. I’m not saying I don’t believe in the supernatural workings and miracles of God. I’m saying I don’t need them. I’m saying the everyday extraordinary–the marvelous mundane–serves to turn my heart and head toward the Cross each and every time.



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