Parenting Peculiarly

I remember having a conversation about a year ago (the day we celebrated The Little Libertarian’s first birthday), where I was asked about my style of parenting, how it came about, did I read any specific books, what did I call it, and the like.  Then, at the time, I answered that I did not have any specific books, that I recently found out that what I was doing was popularly known as Attachment Parenting, and that I just call it doing what comes naturally.

Flash forward to year two of our relationship and I can tell you that its landscape is a heck of a lot different. I thought back on that conversation and what all has changed. My answer now? Some call it AP, some call it Conscious Parenting, some call it Gentle. I, too hastily, called it Parenting Naturally. I don’t want to just do or be any of those. It isn’t enough. It. Is. Not. Enough. Because while they all can fit under the umbrella of “Naturally”, so can frustration and anger and lashing out. So can sadness, abuse, and callousness. Because, naturally, I can probably be all those things–and so I need God to be my sieve.

Godly. I want to parent Godly. Which seems like a lofty goal but the way I figure, if I set my sights on Godly then I’m bound to reach Peculiarly. I’m perfectly fine with that, because I’ll likely need sifting until the wheels fall off. Yes, I’m fine with that too…it means He’ll still be taking notice and parenting me.