Everyday Grace

November 13, 2013–

I do believe I have a greater understanding of Grace. Or…to be truly honest…a greater understanding of my need for it.  Right now, there is this small but pervasive anxiety competing with the Still, Small Voice I so heavily rely on.  And I don’t think I’m doing enough, saying enough, showing enough, praying enough…I don’t believe I am enough.  


But that’s not to say I am not confident.  I am confident in the One who is More Than Enough.  And I would rather be closer to unsure of myself, in order to be closer to sure of Him.  


December 13,2014–I sat on this for a year and a month. Not intentionally. I meant to go back to it, thinking it was incomplete. That there had to be more to say, to flesh it out a bit. But a year and a month and a heap of uncertainties later….the fact still remains: His gracemercywisdomlovingkindness covers my fears. His abilities trump my inadequacies.

And of this I am still confident.


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